Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The rise of modern wedding videography

Back in the 1980’s with the development of the video recorder being available, the novelty to film everything that moved grew. If you were lucky enough to own one it seemed a good idea to get your Uncle or pal to man the video recorder and document your wedding day with the good old shaky hand held effect. This was amazing. As video recorders were quite pricey it didn’t take long for individuals and companies to start offering their services to video your wedding day. This would still consist of the good old hand held camera effect, or if you were lucky you would have a video camera set up on a tripod and left in the corner unmanned to capture everything that moved backwards and forwards in front of it. At the end you would be presented with a 4 hour video tape to trawl through all sorts of mind numbing material. Still, you had it recorded forever.

With the development of digital camcorders, the drop in price and the improvement of quality it became even easier to pick one up and video your wedding. You had a better quality, but still had the good handheld shaky cam consistent with every home video.

As time has moved on and the video industry developed, the stigma of the ‘wedding home video’ has been hard to shake off, people still believe this is what is on offer when mentioning having a wedding filmed.
When my wife and I got married back in 2006 having a wedding film was and after thought for us and not a priority. We, like many others, settled for a family relative to man the camcorder for the day. This was a biggest regret. Even though the development of wedding films was still nothing like they are now, we could of still had a well filmed and edited piece to remember.

Today, the wedding video on offer has gone in a completely different direction. No longer must you settle for hand held shaky camera, no longer must you settle for s static boring camera angle, no longer are you restricted with bland depths of field, no longer are you restricted with filming techniques.

With the introduction of DLSR video technology it became possible to make the most gorgeous still image with lovely depth of field and bokeh to come alive into a moving image. It was possible to produce what you see on your TV. Along with the filming hardware to produce the shots you want and the capabilities of the video editing software there was nothing that couldn’t be done. Along with this the audio capturing capabilities  have moved on, so no longer is it the sound of everything in a ‘bathroom’, but individual voices can be captured and edited.

Wedding videographers now can offer and produce a piece of film work second to none, those wishing to have a wedding video can now effectively have their own mini feature film of their day. The most popular wedding videos are the ‘short form’ films which range between 18-25 mins in length. Basically, when you have wedding photographs and pick out all the best ones and have them in a photo album…..that is effectively what the short form video is, all the best parts edited to make a consistent story of your day. This can be an emotional roller coaster set to music and integrating things that were said on the day.

Like every service on offer, you will still get some better than others. There are some photographers that take better pictures than others, in the same way there are some videographers that produce work that still reflects a home video appearance. There is an art to producing a wedding video that looks like professional film. These videographers are the ones you will pay for, just like you will pay for a good photographer….you really do pay for what you get so remember this when deciding to book your videographer.

Wedding videography is here to stay and is increasing each year in popularity as the word gets around and what you can really have. So get in there, budget for it and book your wedding videographer today because it will bring your wedding day back to life!

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