Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Harefield Church | Welcome To Our Church | Trapdoor Films

To us, filming church life is not a chore. It is thrilling. To capture some of the passion in people's lives; to capture some of what God is actively doing in people's lives; to capture some of the essence of God's Spirit is nothing short of a privilege.

We love putting films like this together. It makes us quite emotional as we see some of the genuine love, joy and friendship that emerges from a Christian church video such as this.

We hope you like it.

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Braxted Park Wedding Video | Andrea & Gurd | Trapdoor Films

Re-visited, re-posted, and loved all over again. As we enter 2018 we look back at some of our wedding videos.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Why Wedding Videography?

Why Wedding Videography?

What is the need of wedding video production?

Months of planning goes into your wedding day, the day arrives and you love every minute of it. But the day goes so quick and before you know it you find yourself thinking back over what happened during the day. Often you can’t remember much because there was so much going on and you hadn’t time to take it all in!
So how will you preserve these wonderful memories? There is no better way than to have your very own wedding video.
Stories will unfold during your day, some you wouldn’t even have noticed, and it’s important that these are captured. By capturing these in a wedding film it also captures the spirit of your day with it. Just imagine being able to re-live your wedding day over and over by enjoying your own wedding video which takes you on an emotional roller-coaster from tears to laughter?

Photographer or Videographer?

Planning a wedding can be expensive, and often having a wedding videographer is last on the list, if the budget stretches that far. In contrast to this a photographer will traditionally be first on the list to be booked. Having a good quality photographer to capture special moments is important. However, still images won’t bring your day back to life, they won’t capture the emotion as it happens, and they won’t capture what was said or heard. A still image will bring back a memory that we would have to remember ourselves, but now imagine actually seeing and hearing all that again in a true cinematic style film? Is there any comparison?
A good quality photographer can often be a similar cost to a videographer, often even more expensive than a video. A videographer will then have weeks and weeks of editing to create a film for you on top of the day’s videography. As well as the visual, audio would be captured to a high quality standard. After all, there is little point to a visual without decent sound. Have you ever tried watching a film, or TV programme with awful audio? It's so off putting. When this is all taken into account a wedding videographer is actually quite cost effective with the amount of work that will go into creating your wedding video. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's photography vs videography, as it's not a competition, and both provide a significant difference. When it comes to capturing actual memories there's no comparison.

What you get

A modern wedding video should be of high-definition on ultra-wide cinematic widescreen giving the video a dramatic sense of occasion. That's what your life-changing event merits. Care should be taken in post-production to make it so much more than just a montage of clips with music tacked on; it creates a beautiful and authentic record of the day. A lot of time needs to be spent with the post production. The editing needs to be so spot on that it's as though the film clips were made for the music. The audio and visual must be integrated using voice-over and music in such a way that they are married together.
There is an old saying in the film industry that “all good films are made in the cutting room.”

What is the conclusion?

Wedding videography has come a long way since the days of a camcorder. Those days are thankfully gone. Now there is really no limit to what can be re-produced on film. Of course, there are still different levels of video production. Wedding videography companies will differ in their shooting style and quality; this will reflect in the price. If you settle for a cheap videographer this will clearly reflect in the finished product. You may well then end up with a home video look which you don't want. Your wedding video should have a filmic look. Therefore it is important to watch some of the videos the video production company has produced.
Wedding video production is becoming steadily much more apparent and popular now with modern day cinematic techniques. We would encourage you to seriously consider having your own feature film of your wedding day, it's a once in a lifetime event. A wedding video will be a way of not only remembering your day, but to re-live it over and over. Don’t just settle for still images, but have a cinematic wedding video to bring it all back to life!

You can view wedding videos by Trapdoor Films by visiting Trapdoor Films website.

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

How To Choose Your Wedding Videographer

What's The Deal

It’s the most wonderful occasion of your life, and your wedding video should perfectly encapsulate the spirit and magic of your big day. Preserving wonderful memories, it will become a family heirloom watched on anniversaries for years to come. But which wedding videographer do you trust with the creation of this crucial wedding element? With many wedding videographers in Essex area how do you decide which is right for you?
Research may begin online, or by word-of-mouth. A wedding video is a visual record. When conducting research make sure you see examples of the work of your potential wedding videographer. Trapdoor Films, reputable and professional film-makers, display a portfolio online so you can assess the style of their work. This ensures that it is in keeping with the theme and ambience that you are seeking to generate.

Watch Wedding Videos

Watch examples of wedding videos to check the shooting style, and lighting conditions; do they film both inside and outside? Are the transitions between scenes smooth and does the music help the wedding video bear emotional resonance for the viewer? Whilst you will be initially watching to see how it makes you feel, the technical aspects are highly important. These make the difference between watching a video made by a professional film maker to one shot on your Uncle’s smart phone! Many wedding videographers work individually, but with Trapdoor Films you have at least two people capturing the day. In doing so, this ensures that the best angles are captured and no detail missed.
Trapdoor Films’ wedding videos are of high-definition on ultra-wide cinematic widescreen. This gives the films a dramatic sense of occasion that this life-changing event merits. The care taken in post-production makes so much more than just a montage of clips with music tacked on; it creates a beautiful and authentic record of the day. You don’t have to worry about copyright on the background music that you choose for your wedding video; Trapdoor Films have all the licences that you would require for this.

It's About Communication

Entrusting such an important aspect of your wedding to a video production company is a big deal. Make sure that you have a connection with your cinematographer and that they are as passionate and dedicated to interpreting your vision and making an amazing film as you are. Your wedding videographer should keep dialogue open from the first enquiry, take on board your requirements, but also demonstrate their expertise by making suggestions and offering ideas. Whilst a rapport is needed, on the day they should be as unobtrusive as possible so as to not distract guests from you!
Planning a wedding can be expensive – achieving value for money will help you from going over budget. Trapdoor Films have packages to meet your requirements. For example, you may not want footage of you getting ready, but see the first dance as an important symbol of your union. You can select the package to suit. They also travel globally to capture weddings, so whether you are getting married in Essex where they are based, London or further afield, even abroad, you are guaranteed wedding videography of the highest quality from calibre film producers at value for money.

To view some wedding videos by Trapdoor Films you can view their works here

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Are charity videos needed?

Are there too many charity videos on the TV and internet? Are the public becoming numb to charity video appeals? Do you wonder how you can make your charity video stand out among the crowd?

It could be a harder task than ever before to appeal to the good nature of the public to support a charitable cause. With TV broadcast saturated with advert  appeals to encourage us to give to various charitable causes, you may wonder how you can make your charity video achieve more impact than what's already out there.

We need charitable organisations, and charitable organisations need support. It's easy to take things for granted and we can forget that in the background charities are constantly working to help keep the cogs turning. Without them and the support they receive there would be such a collapse in society more than we could realise.

So, we need charitable organisations, and charities need a good visual impact to help make us all aware of what is at stake, and to appeal for support. One of the ways this can be done is with video. Video is now the greatest way to communicate. Quite simply, everyone wants to see it in action, whether it's something to purchase, something to do, a place to go, and experience, a memory, music, tips, tutorials, products, and reviews. Therefore a charity video is also necessary for fundraising, appeals, public awareness, news, and promotional purposes.

There are a huge amount of charity videos in circulation, but without them how would we know? How would they be able to reach out to the public for support? The moment we are not made aware is the moment we can turn a blind eye. There can never be too many charity videos to keep us aware of the reality, encourage us to take part, and ask for support.

It's easy to become numb to charity videos which is why it is important for the video to have an impact. It's important not to rely solely on tugging at the heart strings. Emotive videos are great, but great scripting, the right sound track, and thought provoking ideas will help the video to rise above the others. More importantly, it will help to stay in people's minds rather than blend in with others.

Below is a selection of charity videos by Trapdoor Films. If you would like to see more then you can visit our charity video production.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Documentary Video Production

A special place

"Pardon Mill .....a special place..."
What a true statement this was in this special documentary we produced.
Parndon Mill is tucked away on the outskirts of Harlow in Essex. It is a hidden treasure which is home to over 30 different creative businesses, arts, and creative designers. many would not even know it is there. This hub of creativity was a flour mill a long time ago, and today it still holds it's character in it's beautiful surrounds.
This was one of our first filming projects and a documentary video production was in at the deep end. The film is narrated by Robert Halfon MP. Robert often visits and has his lunch in the grounds of Parndon Mill amidst it's tranquility set next to the River Stort.

More than just a filming project

In this film we interviewed Sally Anderson and Roger Lee. Sally is the owner and founder of Parndon Mill and she gives a lovely brief over view of the history. Roger Lee takes care of the everyday running of the mill. Both are passionate artists themselves and have even worked together on projects. What comes across in the often emotional interview is how in love they both are with what goes on within the mill. In Roger's own words "'s the people that are Parndon Mill".
We had the pleasure of visiting some of the varied different works that go on behind closed doors at Parndon Mill. For us this was quite enlightening and we learnt a lot. For us this was more than just a filming project. The documentary was filmed over quite a few weeks in order to coincide with some of the busy schedules there.

We hope you enjoy this short documentary and welcome you comments.

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